CENTRAL SEALCOATING uses only commercial sealcoat products on all of their jobs; regardless if it is a residential or commercial property. We always brush alongside buildings and walkways or use blocker board to keep the sealer away from your beautiful property. You work hard keeping your property looking nice and we understand that and we only want our job to improve the appearance of your property while increasing the value and life of your asphalt!!!

CENTRAL SEALCOATING uses hot applied rubberized crack fill on any cracks over 1/4". The rubber is melted and when applied  flows to the bottom of the crack filling it completely and preventing water and liquids from penetrating your asphalt. 
We also offer cold alligator crack repairs and crack fill for certain situations; in addition to full cut and patch asphalt repairs! Just call for a free estimate!

CENTRAL SEALCOATING offers line striping for commercial parking lots. We can stripe on asphalt or cement. We will brighten those lines and make them look sharp! We offer restriping and new layouts as well. We can add cross hatches and handicap parking to bring your business up to the current ADA standards. We use a commerical line striper to give you the best job possible. 

CENTRAL SEALCOATING is now offering commerical mowing services. We can keep your business property looking well maintained; giving your customer a great first impression!!! We will mow, weed eat, clean debris and mulch your property keeping it looking sharp!!!!

CENTRAL SEALCOATING can add speed bumps, handicap signs, arrows, parking stops, do not enter signs  & more! We can help keep the flow of your customer parking lot moving along smoothly; therefore, reducing the risk of possible accidents and keeping your customers happy!!!
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